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Zoladex then what?

I have been having monthly zoladex injections for 18months now. It seems the last few months I have had pain creeping back. Can this happen?

I'm looking at coming off it as I've been on it such a long time plus the side effects are not very pleasant. I must admit I'm scared of coming off it as I know the pain will soon return. I've tried pretty much all treatments in the last 10yrs without much improvement in pain.

I have no idea how long it will take for the pain to return, although I have been told to take the progesterone only pill back to back. To start this when my next injection would be due.

I just can't believe that my options are to stay on the zoladex put up with the pain that's returning as well as the side effects or come off it and dread the pain returning.

Anyone else in this position 😒

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Yes me, although im just starting zoladex. But ive tried both types of pills, had surgery in december but more or less been told they wont operate again due to the mess i was in last time! .. Its downright difficult and dont know what to suggest .. Not happy trying the zoladex as it didnt work for me first time round!


I just wish there was an answer for us all.

I really hope the zoladex works for you this time round. Good luck xx

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You are not alone. Im on a 6 month course of zolodex but wont have anymore as its nasty stuff and the side effects are getting worse, with my many other symptoms that are more debilitating then the pain remaining the same. I have my 3rd bgse appointment a month after final injection so we'll see whats next in july. Tried cerazette and came off when i started the zolodex. I didnt realize until then how much worse it made my other symptoms. Im thinking about trying ptogesterone cream which isnt available on the nhs. The treatment options havent changed in tye 10 years since i was finally diagnosed. Good luck x


I'm on zoladex injections plus the mirena plus pain killers. This is my second lot of 7 months of injections. I was told I needed a year off in between because I'm young and my bones wouldn't handle it. The side effects are horrendous but not half as bad as the pain of not being on zoladex. My life is completely different whilst on Zoladex, I can actually function more like a normal person, well as much as I can with endo. I'm also very nervous to come off the injections again because we all know it's back to square one, not where I ever want to be. I'm completely gluten free, pescetarian, eat no eggs (oestrogen not needed, thank-you) and try and avoid eating much dairy. There's some good books on managing symptoms through diet which have helped me slightly so maybe look at this too!!! P.S the pain will start to return as injections wear off, I wish you lots of luck in coping and let me know if you find any alternatives that work as well as Zoladex xxxxxxx


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