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So frustrated

I was due to have my first lap on Thursday and i have had to cancel it as I will loose my job! After my pre assessment they advised 2 weeks min recovery time maybe more if they perform treatment. unfortunately i cannot afford to take the time off as my SSP for a whole week is less than what i earn in 1 day.

It is so frustrating as i am not going to continue to be unwell, being referred back to gyne to discuss other options. Just because im unwell doesn't mean my bills stop and if you cant afford to take the time off work and then possible loose my job because of this what the hell do you do!

Im so frustrated that my employer is not being supportive. I am now going to have to try and save money so that I can afford to have the surgery & keep up with all my outgoings.

I speak to a lot of women on here that dont work and id like to know how you keep up with life!!

And women that do work please explain how you manage to have the time off???

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awe i really feel for you , I'm self employed had a novasure before xmas as a stopgap , because I couldn't afford to have time off for hysterectomy but NOVASURE ablation has cause severe pelvic pain and I can hardly work so now am awaiting hysterectomy in a haze of painkiller worry and debt :( I'm lucky that I can wear pajamas at work on the plus side but get no sick pay and have to pay someone else to do my job when i can't .,... it is awful I really feel for you. But then if you do have the time off work for op then will hopefully have less time off and be more productive after lap maybe you could sell it to your boss like that. Its such a difficult illness to explain to people but I suppose the more we all talk about it the more people understand it not just a bad period :(

Maybe ring the endo UK support helpline for some advice or maybe some printed info to approach your boss with?

Hope you have an ok week and you get a referral quick :)


I lost my job in process of endo treatment and had to rely on savings to get through. My work did pay sick leave for surgery whereas they didn't for just general sick leave so do check your employers rules. Also there are other benefits you maybe entitled to. Probably worth a chat with citizens advice as they know more about what you could apply for.


How awful for you. I'm lucky as I am entitled to sick pay so I didn't even think about it. I now realise how lucky I am. I take it you're not entitled to holiday pay either so you can't take it as holiday? It's such a tough one as you can't predict how long you'll have to be off work afterward.

Good luck with saving up and I'm really sorry to hear you had to cancel.


PS they didn't tell me two weeks and didn't sign me off... I had my lap on a Friday and had a week and two days off, but it was hard going back and I was tired.


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