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Endo and contraceptives

Hi ladies I hope you are well. I was wanting to know if any of you take the pill where you have one pill a day for 21 days then have a 7 day break before going onto the next pack?

I've been on triadene for close to a year now and at the last 5 days or so it makes me so painful I'm actually off work as it's one of the break days and I'm in agony with left side pelvic pain and sciatic pain. My pill has multiple hormones in it there are 3 different colours it's only when I get to the last white ones my endo symptoms go through the roof.

Luckily I have my supervisor who is very understanding as she has had a lap for endo and knows what I'm going through. She has said about taking my pill constantly and not having the break to see if it helps.

I have my lap in July so I wouldn't be doing this for long now. Does anyone else do or done this to help symptoms?

Thank you

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Hello, personally I found that the pill didn't help me at all, I get the deppo injection every three months and it stops me ovulating completely, meaning I'll never get any more build up on Endometriosis until I stop having be injection, it really helped me so maybe have a look into that? It was the only thing that helped me get to work whilst waiting for a lap!


Are there any nasty side effects from getting the injection? I used to have the implant but it made me ill in the first three to 6 months constantly bleeding and then when it came to the last 12 months before changing I bled constantly and was very ill again. It made me very sceptical to try the injection and my GP didn't make me too confident in using it as she said once it's in that's it there's nothing we can do if you have a bad reaction to it.

I like the sound of the no ovulation as the pill I have now has 3 hormones and the last one which is before the break and the lowest amount of hormone makes the cramping and swelling so uncomfortable. I spoke to the pre op team today and they said it shouldn't affect the surgery if I use it consecutively but I have to check with who prescribed me it first ... guess they are just covering their own backs


I've never had any nasty side affects! My consultant who I found out to be the most knowledgeable Endometriosis consultant in the country said that they're trying to give women with Endometriosis the injection as it's basically a cure now! :)


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