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Confusing symptoms

I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis, irritable bowel syndrome and was told I have inactive endometriosis, I have been struggling with pain, bowel symptoms, painful bladder as well as lower back pain, pain with intercourse, leg pain, nausea and vomiting Daily but my symptoms constantly change, I was also told I have inactive endonentriosis which the surgeon burned off and since that the pain with intercourse went away (he said this is due to where the endo was located) I have been trying to follow the fodmap diet for IBS, the ic diet as well as the end diet but still have symptoms, although they are constantly changing, a couple of years ago I was in agonizing pain almost every day in hospital, crying or passing out from hours of abdo pain but now (since I got the marina) I have light abdo pain most days and didn't get my period until after my lap and endo was removed! I still get nausea, vomiting, bladder pain, bowel issues as well

Just wanting to know if anyone else suffered from all 3 and are confused by symptoms and the diagnosis of inactive endo (the reason I'm confused is mainly the pain with inter course, if its inactive why would I be getting symptoms then the symptoms subside when its burned off)

Sorry for all the details I just don't know why to think of my symptoms or my diagnosis

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