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Help! Laparoscopy has been cancelled! 😭

I am devastated - just opened the post and a letter from the hosp has arrived saying the following:

"Owing to unforseen circumstances it has become necessary for us to cancel your procedure that was scheduled as below." (Date was 23rd June and this is a BSGE hosp)!!

This date was only just within the government guidelines of 18weeks - how can they do this??

Please if anyone else has experienced this let me know... It was getting so close and now this 😭

Laura x

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Sure i just read the government has just relaxed the 18 week law. Its 18 weeks to start treatment, all in all i waited from the time i started to excision surgery around 14-16 months! And unfortunately, theres nothing you can do about it! .. I did manage to get my diagnostic lap within the 18 weeks, but that was it!

Hold tight. As disappointing as it is the NHS is stretched!


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