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Stinging sensation inside vagina

Does anyone else experience a stinging sensation inside their vagina randomly?

It only lasts a few seconds but it just happens randomly or occasionally when I pee. I thought it could be the mirena coil threads at an awkward angle as I wasn't sure how long they have to be but my partner has never mentioned being able to feel them during intercourse.

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I also get this and Everytime my urine is checked something shows up thought when sent to lap it doesn't grown anything so now on waiting list for urology to see if I'd benifit from Botox injections call doc and explain your symptoms and see what they say good luck X


I get this, almost a little shooting pain which stings then goes. Mine has lasted quite a while before and I find relief wise, sitting on a hot water bottle really helps. I don't know how or why but it does.

Painkillers don't seem to help it either. Good luck and let us know how you get on xxx


Thanks for replying ladies, yeah it's like a sudden sting I previously had an erosion but they said it didn't require any treatment so could be that maybe. I wasn't sure if it was related to endo or something else entirely. I'm going for a smear next week so I will mention it and see what they say and let you know!


Hi Racheymon, I did not have that feeling. But I did have similar ones in other pelvic areas. In my case it seems it was something related to the pelvic floor muscles and nerves which were irritated by endometriosis and mirena insertion. The time has passed and that bad feelings have disappeared. Check out your symptoms with a good pelvic floor physiotherapist!


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