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How long before getting treatment and laparoscopy?

Hello, my names Kerry an I'm 23. I've been told I have endometriosis back in October An needed to see a gynaecologist. My gp said no, to just try the contraceptive pill first. I've suffered badly with periods since I was 15, used to pass out an throw up. It's recently got worse, I'm constantly drained no matter how much I sleep. Excruciating pelvic pain almost like contractions. (I've got 2 kids) happening every few days now, feeling sick too. Saw my gp Wednesday An asked about a laparoscopy but apparently they won't do it due to risk of scar tissue. I also seem to be getting diahrreoah when I have the bad pelvic pains.

I feel like nothing is being done an it's not going to be done. How long did it take before you were told they'd do a laparoscopy? An what other treatments have you all had? Can I go to anyone other than my gp?

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Hi. So sorry to hear about what you've gone through. I have a somewhat similar story. I started to vomit and pass out from pain at the age of 14. I had every test in the book, an appendectomy, various scopes and no diagnosis. Was sent for a psych evaluation. Fast forward 10 years I'm now 24 and I've finally been diagnosed with endometriosis. This began last year when I could no longer tolerate the pain from my periods. My doctor had to put me on Percocet just so I could finish my undergrad. I was finally sent to a gyno who wanted to do an exploratory lap. She found endo and removed it and said I should be fine and pain free. That wasn't the case. After my surgery my pain began to get unbearable and was now everyday in my pelvis back and legs. So I was finally sent to a specialist who deals with endo in Toronto ( I live in Canada ) and they said the endo is back with a vengeance. They are starting me on an iud and will do another lap before I want to conceive to improve my chance. My number one advise would be try to get an endo specialist or gyno who is experienced in dealing with it. They really know what they're talking about.


Please go back to your surgery and see a different GP and ask them to refer you to gynae. A GP can't tell you whether or not you need surgery, that's for a consultant to decide. Sadly some GP's do handle endo really badly.


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