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How many Decapeptyl injections can I have??

How many Decapeptyl injections are we allowed to have? I have only had the 1 so far (2nd due end next week), but I previously had 6months Zoladex and I remember reading you could only have 12? I am not having HRT, but I do still have a Mirena inserted!

Apart from a blip of excruciating joint pain a few days after my 1st injection I am getting on really well & have very little pain 😊

I've been prescribed 3 injections which takes me to June when I have my 4th laparoscopy booked for.

Any help would be appreciated!

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HI laura b,

I to am currently having decapeptyl injections. As far as I know it is a maximum of 6 months due to the fact it can cause bone density loss. I have been prescribed it for 3 months. I am having 1 injection a month.


Thanks for you reply Red Crumb!

I had a sinking feeling that was the case 😞 it seems to have been the one thing that's actually worked for me so far... Guess I'll just have to hope for the best result possible during the op, but they said there's a possibility it looks like Adenomyosis too 😟

Hope the injections work well for you!


I have adenomyosis as well as endo. The injection seems to be not to bad so far. I have another one next week. Good luck with your op x


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