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Mirena coil

Hi, I have had the mirena coil for just over a year now and it's kinda helped with my endometriosis pains which is good!! But unfortunately it's put weight on me and I constantly feel bloated. It's giving me constant anxiety as I already get bloated with my endometriosis but the fact I feel like I constantly look pregnant because I feel fat. I'm tempted to get it taken out as I do feel like the coil has caused this but I'm hoping someone could give me some advise on how to hopefully loose this weight!

Thanks xxx

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I've lost a bit of weight by doing no carbs, no sugar which gives me a steady weight loss of 1-2 lbs a week when I focus on it.

I think my weight gain is due to my overeating rather than my mirena.

Friends have found 5:2 fasting works for them.

Hope you find something that works for you.


I used to be slim and always the same weight no matter what i ate. I went up 2 dress sizes post op and mirena. I have after 4 months just got back to my pre op weight. I've not followed any diet rigidly but have

1. Cut my portion sizes mostly in my evening hot meal by a third

2. I wasn't getting much fruit intake I bought frozen fruits and a magimix and have started to make smoothies for breakfast or sometimes for lunch adding some oats and a only few mesa sunrise flakes in to keep me going. This is yummy and also reducing my gluten as it replaces weetabix or toast.

3. Increased the amount of fresh veg in my diet (i now get an organic veg box delivered and challenge myself to get through it, great for soups) especially evening dishes and reduced the proportion of stodgy processed foods ( sausage rolls, chips etc)

4. Give myself the odd blow out day off and don't beat myself up.

5. I am strict at work and don't eat the donuts etc that go round at work and buy myself fresh fruit instead to snack on


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