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Hi ladies, I've finally decided to go down the private healthcare route as I've had no contact or help from the NHS apart from being told to see a pain specialist, and there being a 6 month wait for a Laraproscopy. My local private hospital has said I will be having the procedure within a couple of weeks, I just have a few questions about post op.

How long does it take to recover from the operation? I work as a waitress so my job involves being on my feet for long hours with lots of heavy lifting, I want to make sure that I take the correct amount of time off.

How long after the procedure should you wait to have sex again? Sounds silly but I'm worried about it because the op is so invasive in that area.

Also, this is my first operation, so I'm extremely nervous about being under anaesthetic etc, some advice about that would be great, I suffer with anxiety so this is quite distressing for me.

Lastly endometriosis is not confirmed yet, so I am worried if the doctors don't find anything what the next approach would be? I don't want them to think I'm just being dramatic with the pain but it genuinely is unbareable at times.

Thanks in advance

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  • Hi. I had my first lap last summer. I took two weeks off work but wish I had gone back gradually from then on. I went straight in full time as a childminder and was just exhausted.

    I think I was my old self by 4 weeks but I can't remember about the sex. I had the coil fitted during mine and I think I was more paranoid about that.

    I was so so nervous about mine too. But honestly it was fine. Yeah it's sore afterwards but you get better each day. I'm waiting for a hysterectomy now . Nervous about that now lol

  • The norm is 2 weeks off but you will need longer go back to work gradually as your still recovering inside. You might bleed a bit after the surgery but thats normal as for sex you probably wont want any for a couple of weeks. Ive had 3 laps now and each time i panic when im taken down to theatre, take some mysic and head phones listen to that while they sort everything out to relax you. Take pjs to wear afterwards you dont want to be messing with jeans etc. You will have terrible shoulder pain take peppermint tea as thishelos you burp and release the gases. Make sure you've stoked up on pain killers for when you are home and you need someone to pick you up and stay with you for 24hours.

  • Hi

    I had mine last November I took 2 weeks off and I felt ready to go back after that I do a very active job with quite a bit of lifting I did get tired for a few weeks but I was tired before,I did rest a lot after my op and was very careful about not doing too much.As for the sex as soon as you can do it comfortably really (scars on tummy)I don't see why not.As for the operation itself staff are lovely and really look after you having a general is just like having a really good sleep I did feel sick after as not all hospital's give anti sickness I was really surprised how quickly I recovered.They didn't find endometriosis with me and still having problems but glad that I had the laparoscopy,so for me it's just pain management.I would say to make sure that your gyni is able to deal with endometriosis as I can be missed.


  • Hi :)

    I had my first lap under NHS in December and my second only 2 weeks ago in a private hospital (December lap confirmed stage 1 but they used diathermy which did not remove it causing symptoms to rapidly get worse and progress to stage 3 only 4 months later!!)

    My advice would be don't panic, it sounds a lot worse than it is, in fact I've found recovery the hardest part. I'm a veterinary nurse so similarly to you I'm on my feet all day and lifting heavy things. Everybody is different and therefore will recover at a different pace and will depend on what they find and do whilst your in your op.

    To put it into perspective I had the lap on 16th December where they used diathermy to burn the endo - I didn't go back to work until the new year. On the 29th march I had a hell of a lot more endo and the excised it (cut) all away. I am now back on my feet, but you need time to build up your strength and energy as I'm still getting tired quickly and still a bit sore so I am due to go back to work next Tuesday. So I would personally recommend giving yourself a good 2-3 weeks depending what you have done.

    With regards to sex I would wait as long as possible, you will be bleeding anyway and have what is basically a period for a week or so due to them interrupting a sensitive area. I'd probably reccomend a month atleast, don't forget even your tummy muscles will be sore too.

    I hope this helps and good luck :) Xx

  • Also- don't go back to work until you are more than ready, they'd rather you go back and be 100% like other staff and do everything than not be up to speed xx

  • It really depends what they find and what they do. My laps have always been increasingly complex due to the severity of endo and therefore a lot of work was done. I was off for up to 2 months after each.

    I was petrified the first time as had never had surgery before. If you're worried speak to your consultant or nurse and they may be able to help.

    I hope for you they don't find endo, as I really wouldn't wish it on anyone. No one will think you're being dramatic- if anyone suggests this ignore them.

    Good luck x

  • In contrast to some of the replies below, I would say you can have sex as soon as you're up for it. I had a period very soon after my lap and once it was done I had sex within two weeks, my friend was the same. Mind you, both of us were trying for babies so keen to get going again. And I wasn't swinging from a chandelier or anything!

  • I'd say wait for lap on NHS if an endo specialist. As others, including private may well not look every to see where endo is. If you go ahead ask them to look everywhere in pelvic cavity including bowel. It's not unusual to start with pain management on NHS as frankly it's cheaper so that's were they start and it can help until you get a lap.

    If it's only diagnosis I I'd say you'd be fine to go back to work I a week or two. If they do remove endo as others have said it depends how they do. Diathermy I went back in 2 weeks. Excision I'm at two weeks today' and no where ready and I just do a desk job. Whenever you go back tried to do phased return so you can build up a bit slowly.

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