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Hello again been to gyne waiting for decision

Hello again,

I went to see the gyne consultant last Monday and he said he wasn't sure if I have endo as my symptoms don't suggest it, but he gave me three options - leave me as I am, treat me for endo or do a lap.. So I said I wanted the lap to see what is going on inside. He said that he will write to me within 3 weeks if he is going to do it and a date.

However I have been holiday since Wendesday and am now bleeding which isn't normal. It's not a lot but it's now conceded me.

Any advice


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Is your gynae an endo specialist?

An MRI can be used to detect endo with the more modern MRI machines, but it seems a lot of gynaes don't know this. Get in touch with his secretary and ask her to ask him if this is a possibility. It is a lot cheaper and safer than a lap and a lap won't always find endo if it is hiding somewhere awkward.


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