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Hi Everyone ....advise appreciated x

Hi , I'm Jen , 38. Was diagnosed yesterday with endometriosis. Had an internal scan and was diagnosed straight away. Have to have surgery (laparoscopy) to remove tissue etc . It's all a bit new and strange at the moment . Wondered if you lovely ladies could tell me if my extreme fatigue and tiredness is connected ? If so it would explain a lot , feel shattered all of the time and quite down in the dumps. I've read that this can be a symptom but thought I'd ask you guys to get some real life insight into this . Thank you x

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Yes, the fatigue is connected and it may be a slow path back to normal levels of energy after surgery. I haven't had any explanation for what exactly causes it, but it seems to me that your body is trying to fight the endo but not managing to get rid of it so you get the same sort of tiredness that you get when you've got flu because your body is putting all its resources into dealing with the endo.


Hi Jen38

Here is our information pack about about 'understanding endometriosis'. It includes lots of useful information including getting a diagnosis and symptoms.

I hope you find this helpful.



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Hi Jen. Im sorry you have been diagnosed with Endometriosis, its not the nicest thing to have. I have had it for over 20 years. I suffer from extreme fatigue daily and no matter how much sleep i get or dont get im always tired. Depression is also very common with Endometriosis, can be due to pain, fatigue, the way it changes your life etc. I would mention these to your gp. Good luch with your lap. Hugs xx


Hi Jen, absolutely know how you feel. I had such fatigue and exhaustion thought I was going mad. Once I'd had the op and laparoscopy I felt so much better. I have a very busy job and I've no idea how I would do it if I still had the fatigue. I didn't realise just how tired I was until I realised I wasn't anymore and it hadn't been normal to feel that way. Good luck with the op - might take you a few weeks after to bounce back but hopefully you will feel better soon xx


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