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Please everyone Help and sign the petition x

Hi Everyone, Nikola Taylor has created this e-petition

To bring Endometriosis into the Disability Discrimintaion act

for woman that have chronic pain and struggle every day with

this disease.

So please could you sign it

If we all sign it we can make this happen

Thank You


15 Replies

There are only 54 people signed at the moment if all of you sign it would make a HUGE difference x x


agree with this.x


Totally agree x


Is there any other way of reaching the women who maybe do not visit this site very frequently? Just a thought!

Also, may my partner sign this petition? If so, how do we reach other partners of women who have endo?

My partner would be so relieved in the knowledge that I could maybe access financial help and other support each time my endo plays up on my lungs.

Thank you, and I really hope something becomes of your efforts.



Everyone can sign men or women, tell people at work, sign everybody up.

The more the merrier.

You could share the link on Facebook, twitter, and social sites.

Thank You for getting involved

x x x


A pleasure...!

I choose not use social networking sites, so maybe a link sent via email may be better....

Thank you very much :)


Me again, I have just realised ( Daft old me!) I can just send your link out....let's hope this makes a difference.


If you want to do a bulk email that would be great lovely.

An email has been sent this morning to all the ladies signed up to endometriosis-uk. healthunlocked already so hopefully if everyone and their families sign up then we will reach the goal quicker x x x


I totally agree not enough people know what we go through every day x




Thank You x


Thank You to everyone that has already signed, please could you share this on your social pages, tell family and friends to sign, in work, spreading the news will hit this petition faster so get everyone involved thank you x x p.s. Don't forget men and women can sign up x


I totally agree 100%. This is a vicious disease that we go through. But no one takes it seriously how bad & severe the pain is each month for the suffers. This is a great idea Nikola Taylor. Hope we get the response we deserve . Well done again x x


This is excellent Nikola thanks so much!

Ive emailed it to everyone I know but no one seems to care or have bothered to sign it, however there quick enough to reply to uninportant emails - so much for family and friends eh?!!!

Im trying to think of other ways to get it to people, well people who would be kind enough to sign it but I cant think of how! :-(


i have signed and shared it to my facebook wall. xx


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