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Decapeptyl Injection nausea help

I was having terrible mood swings restless nights stopped my pill in June last year but hated the new pill for over 40s so my symptoms got woser two weeks of raging homones I begged for help so I got offered the Decapeptyl 3.5 plus livial to take if needed I'm not sure what to do I've felt good here & there but today I feel sick as a dog 🐶 I'm trying to blame weights at the gym & trying not to think of the side effects of the injection cos it will send me daft over thinking 💭 I've spoken to a few lady's this injection has been used for allsorts so where all different but would like to hear the good stuff like has this helped do I take livial aswell I'm not sweating at night but have a little through day nothing major just feel sick here & there any advice about sickness to clam it down would be great keep the bad Story's though I really can't be negative 👎🏻 I can't go back to my old life I need to stay positive 😬

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