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New to mini pill noriday. Any advice?

Hello all,

Well I was diagnosed with endo and possibly adenomyosis. My gyne put me on noriday to suppress periods as I don't get on with the coil. I've been on it for nearly a month and for the last week have been suffering with lower back pain and stomach cramps. I thought this wouldn't happen on the mini pill. Anybody else had this happen. I'm hoping this will lessen the further in I go.

Any advice?

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Hi I was on cerazette for 3 months and continually bled so they put me on Noriday. First 2 weeks I had slight headaches then I had a full blown period which lasted 5 days. Started the second pack and I have been on my period now for 16 days with additional pain and discomfort. The reason I was put on these tablets was to stop the pain and bleeding but it's unfortunately done the opposite however I did get a lot of acid reflux and sickness which these tablets have stopped. Anyway I decided to come off noriday as I'm awaiting lap on the 18 th with possible ovary removal so I will watch this space!! My advice is to tolerate for as long as you can I think they like you to be on them for at least 3 months but if they don't suit you go back to your consultant for more options. Hope this helps😄


Thanks. I'll persevere and see how it goes.



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