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Anyone know where to get professional advice from for this? Been battling this 9+Years and doctors seem to know nothing about it just dose u up on medication as their is no cure, had my lap done 3years ago, been on zoledex 8months no change, 28 next month and my life is a complete mess because of this illness and their being NO CURE, i was addicted to medication for years and pulled myself off EVERYTHING now for 4monthz, i will not let this control my life but where are the trained professionals to give help and advice instead of drugging you up on medication?? Drives me mental not only do we have to suffer but we have to suffer alone!! 🙄

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IF you're in the UK BSGE clinics are the places to go, bsge.org.uk/centre/ find your nearest clinic then get your GP to refer you. If you're US or any other country then this google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewe... will help you find a doctor close to you who can help.

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Thanks hun will try that :)


Hi. You sound like you are up for giving your endometriosis a fight 🙂. It's a horrible disease with so little understanding about it. 9 years is along time, what surgery have you had to have? I'm lucky in comparison to a lot of the lovely ladies here I got told last sept having had no symptoms. It's since caused havoc and just as we think it's settled I have a relapse.

If you can find your nearest bsge centre and ask your gp for a referral ( are you in the U.K.) they have helped manage my pain whilst I wait for them to sort surgery.

Secondly have you tried diet? It won't work for everyone I'm sure but gluten, wheat, refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol and dairy can agrivate it look up endo diet it's worth a go, I wasn't convinced but my husband insisted and it has reduced my pain and I had a really good spell with it up till last week when one of my chocolate cysts ruptured so set me back a bit. If you want to know more I'm happy to tell you what has worked for me.

The other thing I've found that helps is swimming and yoga the breathing with yoga helps with the low level pain usually just before the hot water bottle is used!

Hope you find something that works to help you. X

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