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Update : recent lap

Hi everyone

I posted probably about a year ago when I got diagnosed following my laparoscopy. Since then, my partner and I moved locations and jobs. Following my laparoscopy (which was a combination of ablation and excision - I know, probably not the best), I got around 2-3 months of symptom relief, and then it all returned, worse than ever.

I was seen as an emergency in the gynae clinic in the summer because my symptoms were so severe. My new gynae was not so impressed with my old gynae, who refused to provide any operation notes, operation pictures and kept giving different versions of what they found inside me everytime I met. Alongside, I have interstitial cystitis, M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and pernicious anaemia which were all diagnosed in the last 6 months.

Anyway, I was listed for a laparoscopy again and I had it about 1.5 weeks ago. It wasn't the best experience - the ward was not great, it felt like they wanted you out ASAP and I developed a nasty wound infection in my belly button incision.

My second lap revealed the endometriosis had grown back on my left ovary and Fallopian tube, and somewhere else within that left space (sorry, can't remember off the top of my head!). My first lap revealed (after finally getting my operation notes etc) endometriosis (deep, infiltrating) on my bladder, bowel, left utero-vescicle pouch, and I had adhesions all over the left side of my bowel, left utero-vesicle pouch and spanning from my left pelvic wall to my left ovary and left Fallopian tube. So, the results of the second lap were somewhat reassuring, but it did explain all the pain and symptoms I had been having.

Anyway, I am now facing the decision of being put in the medical menopause - this (aside from gradual or full removal of my reproductive organs) appears to be my last option. I am 23, almost 24, and am really uncomfortable with putting my body through it. However, my consultant thinks it is important to consider, as he believes very strongly that my endometriosis will grow back within a couple of months, even weeks.

The thing for me, is that me and my partner would be looking to start a family early next year (we have had to have "the chat" about our priorities and what we want first, e.g. marriage, house, baby - those kind of things), so in a way, is it worth going through the menopause for 9-12 months? What if it takes a while for me to start ovulating again after I come off it? What if I don't ever ovulate again? And I know the side effects can be pretty awful.

Any advice/info would be really appreciated. Aside from the physical symptoms, I always wish people without endometriosis could understand the impact that it really does have on every aspect of your life.

Thank you in advance

Lauren x

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I don't have any direct experience of this as I have v mild endo, but if I were you I wouldn't put off starting a family any length of time as endo can affect your fertility. You can sort out house/marriage etc later or in the meantime whilst you are trying.

Have you explained to your consultant that you want to start a family soon? As that will affect what they suggest as treatment xx

(PS my friend with severe endo was advised to start trying for a baby immediately after her lap, and then to breast feed for as long as possible)


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