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Diagnostic lap yesterday

Hi! Well I finally had my Lap yesterday, was terrified beforehand, but actually not half as bad as I was expecting. He said he didn't find any endo but found and drained a 2 cm simple cyst & also fitted a mirena coil. Does this mean then I definitely don't have endo? I hear that cysts just fill up again, so why did he do it, bit confused over it all. Does having the coil fitted during the lap mean any longer recovery time. Garateful for any advice, thanks.

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Glad you finally managed to get your Lap booked in! Feels like forever when you're waiting.

It's great that they found no endo! Really happy for you that you're clear of it. It could be possible that they missed some spots of endo but could just be possible that it was the cyst. Have you got your post op booked in where you can ask questions to the surgeon?

I don't think the coil extends recovery time. I had it fitted and healed really fast. It can cause some cramps and spotting whilst it settles in but fingers crossed your body will agree with it. :)

Take care and have a speedy recovery xxx


Thank you. I don.t have a post op, he is going to be sending a letter out apparently .xx

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Ah right I see. Just look out for that. Hopefully it should explain in detail everything he found. :)

Take care xx


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