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Advice Endo after Hysterectomy

Hi all I had a Total Hysterectomy ovaries and tubes removed 3 weeks ago and the surgeon found Endo, which I have been battling with for years and been fobbed off, I had 2 laps and said I didn't have....... And If I didn't know any different I would say I was about to come on a period, I have the pains, in my ribs, my kidneys and slight pink bleeding.

My understanding would be NO MORE PERIODS I feel really down about this and also I am on Evorel Conti which is combined HRT because of the ENDO, I haven't seen my consultant since surgery and my appointment is weeks away, I feel like I have been left with no support :(

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Sorry you're suffering still. Bleeding after a hyster isn't unusual and can last a few weeks. I hope he removed all endo at the time of op

I had hyster 2 years ago and just had excision of endo 2 days ago at bsge centre.

I'd recommend joining hysterectomy association - see their website - as run by lady in Uk who had hyster and loads of advice and info so you won't feel so alone. Lots of people to chat to as well which I found really helpful.


Hi i had a hysterectomy last April and i still have periods every month. I only kept my ovaries. I had confirmation this week that i have lots of endo deposits which is what is causing me to have periods every month. I've been told i will need another laparoscopy to try and treat it. Up until the appointment at a different hospital to where i was previously treated i had been made to feel that it's all in my head so glad i got a second opinion else where. You know your own body, i know its draining fighting for diagnosis but you can only move forward if you can know exactly what is going on. I hope things will get sorted for you - lots of love xx


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