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Seeing gyne consultant in Monday

Hi there,

I have written on here before, I now have an appointment at my local hospital next Monday - I've spoken to someone I know who works at the hospital and they haven't t given a very good report of the Dr I'm seeing, he has said that he talks too quickly, talk in his own language and can be a bit rude.

This has now made me nervous as she I made the appointment I was either seeing a lady or this make Dr, I don't know what to expect or what questions to ask.

I would like to have a lap but am unsure if it's my right to ask for one to see if they can see what's wrong with me

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Make a note of all your symptoms and everything you have been going through so you don't miss anything out. That will help build a clear picture for the consultant.

Stand your ground and don't let them fob you off with 'trying pills'. Explain that you want answers to your pain before deciding how to deal with the pain. Also express how debilitating the pain is and how it effects your everyday quality of life

Best of luck lovely xx


Don't worry as often I've seen dr said are brilliant and I've found them awful and ones that other people have problems with and found them very thourough , so it's such a personal thing . It's fine to ask for a lap he can only say no just politely ask.

I write a letter to Dr about a week before appointment not a massive one but just briefly outlining symptoms and saying how they impact my life to save time at appointment and so nothings missed.

SOunds a bit ott but is very helpful 😀


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