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new diagnosis, nervous

Hi everyone,

I am only 18 and last week i got diagnosed though laparoscopy where they removed some of the tissue. before i got diagnosed i was suffering with server pain during sex with my partner and bleeding afterwards. This meant that we couldn't have sexual intercourse.

since my operation, i have been really anxious in having sex again because of the pain before, im struggling to get past this thought meaning that me and my partner are not having it. My partner is also getting a bit frustrated with me that i dont want to because im anxious. Its starting to get me really down and depressed that im starting to withdraw from him.

i was just wondering how everyone else has coped?

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Give yourself more time to recover, one week post surgery isn't very long to be feeling back to your normal self. I am in the same boat as scared of the pain, and it is making life with my partner difficult, although since we sat down and had a long very open discussion about my pain and how I feel he has been very understanding. Perhaps speak openly to your partner about your feelings, and when the time is right take things slowly until you feel more comfortable and confident. It took me around 6 weeks to fully recover from my most recent lap, a week really isn't long, just be patient with yourself. Good luck.

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