Hi girls, I'm a bit desperate. I haven't had any relief since my laparoscopy in July, and no hormonal treatment has helped either. My gyno now wants me to try Zoladex for 3 months but I've heard that the side effects are terrible and I haven't found anyone with positive feedback about it. Could it help finally calm down the daily pain, fatigue, nausea,...?

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  • Hi i am trialling zoladex after mirena increased my pain. Having the implant is uncomfortable so take painkillers before. I had it 2 weeks ago. I would say my pain is milder but i am feeling slightly dizzy and nauseous and have pins and needles in my legs and feet and have had headaches on and off. I went for it as a friend told me it helped her a great deal with the fatigue which i am really struggling with but she had a hormone imbalance issue not endo. No sign of that yet but as i say i haven't yet had cycle 2.

  • Have you been offered HRT with it? I understand that it can help relive some of the side effects although can't speak from personal experience as zoladex aggravated my migraines which HRT can't help with. It might be worth looking in to before making a final decision x

  • I tried zoladex and did have side effects but I would have picked the side efffexts over the pain any day. I had some patches which I believe were oestrogen to combat the symptoms and they worked wonders. From month three on zoladex for five months I felt great, was back into running and had energy again. I would defo give it a go. If it's too much you can stop. Sadly my high was short lived, been in pain since October, crippled my life and finally agreed to do lap number three. Wish you the best of luck and hope you get some relief with it.

  • Hi, I was on Zoladex for 6 months in the run up to my second lap. I also had HRT add back - my joints were a bit stiff but not too bad, and once the HRT had finished I had some hot flushes, but it was definitely worth it for the relief in other symptoms. After the first injection I had a really bad period (which no one had warned me about) but after that all my symptoms went - it was such a relief to have a few months off, and to know that all the problems I had (including bladder issues) were definitely hormonal. I would definitely say it's worth a try. Afterwards, I had a Mirena fitted at the lap, which helped for about 18months and am now taking cerazette as well which so far seems to be helping. Best of luck - I really hope you find a treatment that works for you.

  • I had Zoladex for about six months or so and had no side effects and great pain relief. I came off as I didn't want to go on HRT. You need to after six months as it weakens your bones.

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