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Newly diagnosed with endo

hello, I had a laparoscopy 6 weeks ago now and being told I have this condition, but am not sure to what extent, as I go see my consultant early April. I dont even know the stages you all refer to?

I have had the mirena coil fitted during my procedure, and although my 2"periods since then have been dramatically better, I really suffer from tiredness more so now and struggle with excerise more then ever.

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You are still recovering from your op so don't be too hard on yourself about feeling tired and struggling to exercise, it's still early days.

Having said that, I had a Mirena fitted in my second lap in August and I felt more tired after my second op than my first, it seemed to take longer to get over. I've also been more tired generally which may be due to the Mirena. I've felt in low mood too, but I've had constant bleeding since it was fitted so I think that's getting me down. I'm having mine removed soon. But if it works for you it'll help massively, I have friends who have Mirenas and only have positive things to say about them xxx

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If you are in the UK you should have been given a discharge note after surgery telling you what was found and done. Your GP should also have been send a report within 48 hours. You should always know what has been done as you need to be sure that you have been treated appropriately for what was found.

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