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I'm new on here and would like some help


Hi there,

I'm new... I think I may have endometriosis and am waiting for a appointment at gyne at my local hospital..

I don't bleed but have the mire a coil in but for the past few weeks have been suffering with crippling pelvic pain. I was at A and E last night waited 4 hours in terrible pain, gave me morphine and then sent me home.

I a, taking Naproxen - meptazinol and paracetamol... Not sure what else I can dos part from ride it out until I see the gyne and they decide if I have got it

Any help would be lovely

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Hi, I think you and I are in a similar boat. I'm due gynae consultation next week too and hoping for diagnosis and treatment plan.

Here's my story...


I'm still in a lot of pain today, I'm going on holiday in 3 weeks, I'm going back to see my dr next week, hopefully I will hear from gyne soon - I'm off work and not sure when to go back if still in pain

Hi there,

I recently had the exact same problem with crippling pelvic pain from the mirena coil - I went to my GP consistently 5 times in total (4 lots of antibiotics) on the 5th time the lady who seen me was brilliant she rang on call gynaecologist at my local hospital I was sent straight up there with a letter scanned and coil was removed a few hours later, now awaiting my appointment on 20th march to see where we go from here hope you get the help you need I sympathise I really do x

rossemma1 in reply to Joely21

Do you think it is the coil that is causing my pain? I was going to go back to Drs tomorrow or Tuesday but if I'm signed off unti thurs I won't know how I feel until Thursday if I am well enough to go back.

If I am not bleeding because I have the mirena does it mean I could still have endo.

Can my GP prescribe oralmorhipe

Joely21 in reply to rossemma1

I would definitely go to your GP and see what they say, it's your body you know best and know when something doesn't feel right, I would keep a note of when the pain is at it's worse if it's after a certain activity exercise etc if you know what I mean- it's not easy and I appreciate that but speak as openly as you can about all your problems it will help to build a bigger picture x

I used to keep a pain diary and there are some great apps which can help you do this easily​ now. It may help when taking to your GP.

Definitely keep pushing for an answer. I also use hot water bottles to relieve the pain. I know you can't walk around with these but you can get stick​ on pads with heat which also help a bit. It doesn't get rid of the pain but it does ease it for me.

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