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Hey, just been to see Dr . He was really nice. He said he thinks I have endometriosis and has put me on progesterone to try and help with the bleeding and pain. He said that he can operate if I want but it's risky and he said it just grows back. I asked about fertility and he said you won't know until you try. I feel better but the baby thing is bugging me. I'm ima happy loving and stable relationship so do I just go for it? xx

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  • Hi, unfortunately the only way to be sure if you have Endo is to have a laparoscopy, fertility may not be a problem I have Endo and had adeno, and I have 3 children, lots of ladies on here have children, the gold standard of treatment is a thorough excision of any endo found, this is best dealt with in a bsge centre with a specialist, I would go back to gp and ask for a refferal to a bsge centre, and get a lap done, it's better to be safe than sorry, any hormone treatment could help with pain and periods but won't cure you, good luck xxx

  • I just want to offer support, but basically - assuming that you are in the UK - I agree with Tboag.  He cannot know if you have endo or not if you have not had a laparoscopy, and you can have an investigative one first to find out things are.  Further, often very difficult endo can be safely removed by 'specialist endo gynaecologists' and you have the right to be referred to a 'bsge' centre - your GP and the specialist you saw should be aware of this protocol. 

    Endo specialist gynaes, know how to recognise the different forms and presentations of endo, and are skilled in searching it out in all the hidden away places where it can be found, as well as excising it surgically (laser removed just grows back), if that is the chosen way to go, and they think it's appropriate for you.  An Specialist Endo gynae would also be better able to advise you on the risk to your fertility if you have the removal, and may be able to advise on the best course to follow if you want to start a family.   Seach on here for posts by Lindle, she says a lot more that may be useful and will also lead you to links for the BSGE Centres in the UK.

  • Thank you for the advice ladies :). I am to go back in 3 months so will see how I get on and will ask about a lap then :). Thank you for your support, I honestly feel this is the only place I can be totally honest and the only place anyone understands. Will get there in the end :) xx

  • If you do not know that the gynae you have already seen is part of a 'Specialist Endo Clinic' and that he definitely has had all of the necessary specialist training in finding, identifying and surgically removing Endo, then you would be advised to ask to be referred to a BSGE Clinic.  

    Even if this gynae says: " 'yes' you have endo and need to have it removed",  you would have to start again and be referred to a BSCG Clinic   ....   Unless, of course, you let this same one go ahead and remove the endo - which he may not be as fully trained to do as the specialist Endo gynaes - and he may miss or not find some endo.  There is a world of difference between general gynaecologists, and the 'Specialist Endo' ones. 

    Please read what 'Lindle' says about all this, and read more posts on here about the countless women who have had pointless laps, by general gynaes.  You do need to find out if he is a 'Specialist Endo Gynae'  or not.

  • He does specialise in Endometriosis. I am going to see him again in 3 months so will discuss a lap with him then. Xx

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