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New chronic pain and small lump found near right ovary area- doctors not listening to me 😔 Really scared at my wits end

Hi there

Sorry to post again- at my wits end with the current pain I'm in I keep sitting here crying curled up in a ball as I don't know where to turn.

Since having the coil fitted and then removed 2 weeks ago tomorrow I am in agony several trips forward and backwards to my gp 4 different types of antibiotics and several painkillers.

I found a lump on Saturday which is constant agony excruciating pain when doing anything - I went to my GP today and seen a clinical practitioner who is lovely examined me felt the lump and was concerned so called for a GP the GP came in said she couldn't feel the lump and told me to wait until my appointment on 20th March.

Has anybody had anything like this before? The pain is excruciating and I'm really concerned about said 'lump'

Thanks in advance

Joely xx

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You poor thing, this sounds like a really distressing situation for you. Try not to think worst case scenarios, I too thought I could feel a lump on my lower right side and had a lot of pain but they did ultrasounds to check for hernia or cysts and didn't find anything. The pain did settle down after a while but they did find endo on mt right ovary during my lap and right hand side pain has been better since. For your own peace of mind call doctors again and ask for emergency same day appointment. Don't hold back as tell them exactly how much pain and distress you are in. I hope you get to the bottom of it and feel better soon x

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I literally have everything going through my head at present it's horrible 😔 the only way I'm 'comfortable' however the pain is still unbearable is to curl up in a ball, I have such a demanding and physical job it's really hard to get by. Thank you I will be calling them up again I can't carry on like this. I just wish people could 'see' what's wrong as I feel like people think here we go again xx


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