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Advice please ladies. Dont know what to do next!

Iv been trying to get hold of my gynae secretary since had my lap and dye last week. To find out when my follow up is can't get no reply. So iv just rung go and they said according to letter my gynae said doc needs to refer me to surgeons and fertility clinic.

My issue is they found minimal endo not sure where and a large piece of scar tissue from belly button to what they think is bowel I believe it is because iv had bowel problems from as long as can remember the thing is they not stating if the scar tissue is from endo which I believe it is. Also my tubes are running slow that's why fertility clinic

My question is should I ask to be sent to endo specialist bsge centre do I have the right too even though they say they don't know why scar tissue there. It was general gynae.

I just feel really stressed I knew all along I had endo just didn't think they would only find 2 bits. Endo runs in family.

Thanks in advance for any replies x

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