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Does this sound like endometriosis?

Hello all, i'm new here so this is my first time posting, sorry for long post in advance!

When I was a teenager I had very heavy periods (clots etc..) when I was around 17 I starting taking cerazette which stopped them completely.

I am now 24. In July 2015 I started bleeding randomly throughout the months. Doctor suggested coming off cerazette to see if it would help. Well in that time I fell pregnant.

Fast forward to March 2016 year, I had an emergency c section and since then my periods have been absolutely horrendous and seem to be worsening with each one.

The symptoms I have are:

My cycles last anywhere from 35-50 days.

Very intense cramps which I get sometimes 3 weeks before any bleeding even happens. It's at its worst in the first week of bleeding (mostly first few days, even if its just 'brown' blood) I will be awake at 4am crying and pain killers don't make any difference.

I feel sick and light headed

Whenever me & partner dtd - afterwards I get a real painful deep ache in my pelvis/under lower belly area which also radiates across my lower back and along my cesarean incision.

Lower belly feels sensitive to touch

Bleeding last 2-3 weeks

Bad back ache

I lose old blood before new

Overall I just feel crap. It's really getting me down now, i feel so irritable and very angry/crying all the time when my periods start. They never used to be like this I just don't know whats going on.

I've had an ultrasound to look at my ovaries and there was a small cyst but apparently this was a 'normal' cyst and they will re scan in 3 months.

In all honestly am I over reacting or does this sound like it could be endometriosis? or something similar.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

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Endometriosis can form from a c-section when the tissue of the uterus isn't properly cleaned up after it's performed. The only way to treat it is through laproscopy, while birth control pills can manage it.

Before you went on the pill it could've been simply due to a hormonal imbalance since during the c-section clean-up they would've found endo. From what I read you didn't have issues till after the c-section am I right?


Hello, yeah it was just after the c section, no real issues prior to this.


I would get some research done on how endo can develop from c-section so you can go to your gyno or gp and get them to listen about risks and write down all of your symptoms.

For examples: Do you have diahrea before your period? Conspitaion during ovulation?

Although it looks like a normal cyst it could be a chocolate cyst that's small, when they find a chocolate cyst they should always operate since it's the tip of the iceberg.


Hi it sounds like endometriosis to me, I have suffered with it since 15 but didn't get diagnosed till 17, I was fobbed off with them telling me it was everything but because I was so young. I have had cysts that I had to have surgery for as they bust, I was told I would never have children and then fell pregnant. I lost my sons twin due to it and nearly lost my son 3times as my stomach would not grow with him due to my scar tissue, he was born dead but luckily they got him back. I still suffer and am on constant pain relief (morphine, tramadol, cocodamol) on a daily basis. I have been on injections to give me temp menopause, nearly had a historectomy and spent the past 10years in and out of hospital, lost jobs, lost partners, nearly lost my son and lost a baby and on constant pain relief! If you think that is what you have do not be fobbed off, fight and make sure they get to the bottom of it before it does get any worse and control your life like it has with mine. Really hope you get to the bottom of it x


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