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Anyone else suffer from vaginal or vulval dermatitis? I was diagnosed with it roughly the same time and it seems to ebb and flow around the same cycle as my period, but it's doing my nut in! Last night was so itchy and it's getting irritating to walk or have any material touching it which is a nightmare when I work full time and it's too cold at night to go commando! I'm on a steriod cream for it and have been for about a year and it's not made it any better, anyone been through something similar or got any suggestions? I've tried vaseline, sudocrem, germolene, you name it!

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Vasaline is never I good idea to put on vulvular skin, it breaks the skin down and makes it dryer.

Have you tried switching up menstraul products? I have an allergy to pads and liners due to the adhesive (I think) every single one makes me burn, one dr thought I had dermitis so they prescribed me a numbing cream, I used it, than passed some discharge because of it so I wore a liner and sure enough started burning. I now use cloth pads and I've improved dramatically no redness, burning or itchiness.

I'm also allergic to most lubricants on the market, glycerin, parbens, and petroleum (in vasaline) are not good for the skin on the vagina. Try a natural lubricant, the one I like contains sea enzymes, I can't name it due to the rules on the forum, but it's name has liquid in it. My physiotheprist picke sit out for me. It rebuilds the tissue and moisturizers it too so you can apply it before bed (don't wear underwear)

You can also rub olive oil into your vulva before bed and sleep with it on, it'll moisturize everything and help with irritation.

Take sitz baths in colloidal oatmeal (soothing), olive oil (vitamin E- great for rebuilding skin), and evening primrose (estrogen & is highly rated for skin), baking soda/apple cider vinegar (ph balance)

You might be able to find more information if you search up 'vulvular vestibulus' or 'vulvodynia' their the same condition as yours just the scientific names.

Some believe it's caused by hormone levels specifically a drop in estrogen or progesterone since these hormones make the vaginal skin supple and soft after puberty. It could also be due to dry skin or if it got itchy you scratched and and therefore gained scarring which the vitamin e in olive oil can help. Or even something like a Ph imbalance. If it's related to allergies eliminate allergens.


Surprisingly on my period using pads is the only time it's not itchy! My period is due next week and it's driving me insane. Might be because I wear mens pants so gonna go back to female and see if that helps having a less bumpy gusset!


Have you tried switching detergents? Because in that case it may be the pads adding a protective layer between your vulva and the detergent your using.

Always do a double rinse on underwear too.

Try the sitz bath and massaging in olive oil, it won't help right away, and might even taken a few weeks before it does but give it a try. You can also use almond oil.


See my gynaeo told me to use vaseline and to use it as lube as well, and itseems to be doing the trick. I've gona back to boring old women's pants and putting my cream on without fail and it seems to be getting back to normal! Another thing was sitting cross legged with my heel against it which didn't seem to be helping haha!


I've been told by numerous doctors not to put vasaline on vulvular skin due to the fact that it can further wreck it.

Vasaline on it's doesn't even moisturize skin, what it does is creates a protective barrier around the skin that seals in the moisture that's already there and as a barrier doesn't allow excess moisture in. So once you put it on your vulva or vagina and vagina can't lubricate it's self which destroys the skin and can cause a Ph inbalnce. I understand if it's being used as a way to keep urine away from the vulva which can irritate it but otherwise it's pointless.

Look, you're the one who asked for any reccomnedations, you said vasaline wasn't working, read your own post. So if you don't want any help you might as well delete the post and follow your gyno's regimen and do your own research which seems to be working for you.

I don't have the condition myself I just have experienced contact dermitis and dealt with it so wearing pants doesn't bother me, the actual condition is called vulvular vestibules or vulvodynia, a google search will yield results.


No I wasn't poo pooing what you said, just it's hard to know what's going on when one professional tells you one thing and another one tells you something different. It's nice to hear what other people have to say on it and it helps a lot, but this boat fortunately seems to have passed on its own since I've been doing my dawned hardest not to itch, especially in my sleep. But when it comes back next month, I'll keep everything in mind x


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