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Advice - Bleeding after cervical exam


I had my first Laparoscopy when I was 17 (6 years ago) and had endometriosis removed. I have been pretty lucky ever since and didn't experience any symptoms until last year. It has gradually gotten worse since then.

I had my first gynaecology appointment yesterday after being referred by my GP.

I had a cervical exam which I watched on a screen (kind of interesting kind of gross). He basically just poked my cervix with a big cotton bud to see if it bled- it didn't really.

I now have been told I need a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy - this will be done in may because I have a holiday booked for April.

My question/ concern today is that after the examination yesterday I immediately got stomach cramps which the nurse said was normal. However i also started bleeding last night- I wouldn't say it's particularly heavy, more like a light period but I seem to be losing gritty bits/ small bits of skin as well. (Gross I know sorry)

Should I be worried about this or is it just because he's aggravated my cervix? Is it normal?

I was going to leave it over the weekend and see how it is on Monday? What do you think?

Thank you


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