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3rd laparoscopy - risks?

Hi everyone,

I am nearly 32, diagnosed with stage 3 endo 6 years ago after 10 years undiagnosed symptoms, and have already had 2 laproscopies with excision & diathermy treatment, the last of which was 3 years ago.

My symptoms have severely worsened over the last year, despite being put on Cerelle progesterone pill to help, I am bleeding constantly, look about 6 months pregnant every day, severe pain during and after sex, dragging pain in bladder, pain in pelvis, back and legs so bad that even tramadol doesnt get rid of it.

Tomorrow I have my next hospital consultation and I don't currently see any other option than another laparascopy. I know the doctors are hesitant to keep operating as it can be dangerous, but is there really another option? Has anyone ever had any bad long term effects from a laparoscopy?

I'm also thinking about starting to try to conceive, after my first operation my doctor told me not to wait until after 30 and now at 32 it scares me, I think about it every day. I've heard that it's more likely to conceive after surgery - does anyone have any experience of this? Is it possible to start trying straight away once your cycle returns? And is fertility treatment be offered sooner to people with known endometriosis if it doesn't happen?

Any advice much appreciated!

Kate x

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Hi Kate. Your story made me think about what I went through, and I wanted to give u an answer. (This is my 1st time writing on this website!) I'm now 39..I was diagnosed with endo at 16, when I was having surgery to remove my appendix. From age 16 to 26, I had 4 laparoscopic surgeries done. My last one was at age 26. I became pregnant almost immediately afterwards..Within 3 months and we weren't even trying! (My son is now 13 years old!) Long story short, in the last 14 years, I haven't had a lap, but I know I'm probably full of endo again by now, bcuz I'm at a point where I'm again in extreme pain in pelvic area and rectal pain. Honestly, I'm afraid to go back to GYN. But I'm sure you know how bad the pain can get, and I know I'll have to make an appointment soon. Anyway, please don't be afraid to have the laparoscopy done! Your chances of getting pregnant are VERY good after a lap! Please keep me updated on what happens. Good luck & I'll pray for u! (P.S. I live in the US, and it seems that our doctors aren't as willing as UK to do laparoscopic surgeries right away..they want to try everything else 1st, like birth control pills, hormones to stop menstruation, etc.. I don't think they should fool around with all that, especially if it's a patient who's been previously diagnosed with endometriosis) GOOD LUCK! <3

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Thanks so much for your reply! I had my consultation today and they have decided I need another laparoscopy & hysteroscopy.. so at least they're doing something about it. I'm so glad it worked out for you, and hopefully will be the same for me post-op... or at least know if there's a bigger fertility problem to battle. Just got to wait for the op date now... x

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