Hopefully not too much info!

I am just looking to see if anyone else suffers from the same and if what is happening is what I have if that makes sense! I apologise if this is too much info tho :/

I was diagnosed with endo 5 years ago and was also told it has spread over to my bowls so they are stuck to my uterus from the scarring, at the time the dr said no point in going in to separate it as it could cause more trouble than good especially as at the time it seemed to not affect me going to the toilet.

However I've recently been having difficulty going to the toilet in the sense that i feel like I need to go more than usual and it feels like constipation, it also hurts and feels like I've torn inside which of course sometimes causes bleeding, I was just wondering if you guys think this is linked at all? And if you have had this and what did you do about it?

Again sorry for the details!! Just worrying about it a bit now xx

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  • Bleeding from the bowel whether related to endo or not needs to be checked out by a doctor since it can be a sign of other conditions to issues.

    Endo can grow on the bowel and cause bleeding however it is concerning if your bleeding.

  • My endo was the same as yours before I had a second op to excise it... everything was stuck on my left side, ovary was wrapped up in my bowel.... a real mess really! Before my op I had lots of pain going to the loo, particularly during my period. I sometimes experienced a little bleeding but only during my period. My symptoms were 110% better after my op so if you're now feeling your endo affects you most days in the month I'd go back and ask about the op again. I agree with Hannah though please be sure to mention the bleeding to your doc to rule out any other causes xxxx

  • I had a lap recently to separate my uterus from my bowel. It wasn't affecting me going to the toilet, but the surgeon did it anyway. I'd see if they could separate and remove the endo anyway.

  • Hey. Just another thought. If you've been struggling to go and get bright red bleeding when you wipe rather than blood actually in the stool then it could be a fissure (a tear in your back passage) and I've had one in the past. Obviously with your bowel and endo issues you should definitely see a doctor but just thought I'd throw the other possibility in :-) hope you feel better soon xx

  • Thanks for the replies guys! I asked about a year after my first op to see if they would seperate it coz I just don't like the idea of it being there but they really resisted with it, maybe it will be worth mentioning it to my dr to see what she thinks, I'm lucky to have a good gp! Kendo how was your op? Have you had any issues since? The consultant seemed to think it will cause me more harm than good? Xx

  • I have it all over my bowel too and have had it burnt off numerous times and my bowel stitched! I cant say i feel like i need to go all the time however i do get the feeling that ive torn something and its so painful, but i have never had any bleeding so i think you should probably go and get it checked out and just explain exactly how the pain feels and what happens next! I think you should probably speak about surgery as its obviously giving you regular distress, and after my ops ive found it much much easier to go toilet, once healed from the operation anyway, its not until its grown back i start having trouble again! Good luck xxx

  • That is exactly how it feels!! Sometimes it hurts like after I've been too which is so weird, it's only really recently I've noticed it so I don't really know how long to leave it before to go gp, maybe it's just nothing? Xxx

  • I definitely think it is linked, I had my lap early January, I suffered excruciating pain before and a short time after any bowel movements and since they removed the endo which had joined my bowel and left ovary together I have very little to no pain with any movement. I used to be crawling on the floor doubled over in pain barely able to get up onto the toilet and would often have to lie down afterwards for a bit. Now at times a movement often sneaks up on me which is a good complaint from the way I was. You should definitely follow it up with your doctor.

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