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Why am I still so constipated?

Anyone else struggling with constipation as a symptom of Endo?

I've battled it throughout the condition and I really thought I had resolved it by changing my diet, exercising and taking probiotics but the past few days I've been seriously bloated and constipated in spite of the above being implemented as normal.

After a recent MRI scan it showed that Endo is in my bowle and Pouch of Douglas (amongst other areas). I asked the consultant if this would be the reason for my ongoing constipation but she said that Endo would only cause bleeding not constipatio. Any advice welcomed... 🎗💛

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I have severe endo and a large rectovaginal nodule and I have chronic constipation, which my bsge centre have said is caused by the nodule pressing on the bowel. I can't manage it with diet anymore and take lactulose every day, and sometimes senna as well.


Yes, when I was ovulating I'd get constipated then every birth control pill then on my periods I'd have diarrhea.


I had constipation and bloating despite high fibre vegetarian diet, probiotics, fibre supplements and exercise. I went low fodmap (gluten free, low lactose, no onions, garlic etc) as it has been clinically proven to improve symptoms for up to 70 % of IBS sufferers It has definitely helped a bit, but I wish it helped MORE as it is a pretty restrictive diet and makes eating out very difficult . (Google low fodmap diet to find out more). I also use a progesterone cream twice daily and it has helped my symptoms (constipation, bloating. anal pain; heavy painful periods) although this remedy is not endorsed Endometriosis UK on the grounds that the dosage of progesterone through this route (as opposed to pills or mirena) is not supposes to be high enough to affect periods. But it seems to work for me - so far.


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