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Hello I have recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis.. I am 23.. It's took about 4 years to get my actual diagnosis.. But I have been put on hormone tablets which havent improved any of my symptoms. My pain has got worse and I haven't stopped bleeding for almost 5 weeks.. I am also worried about loosing my job due to the time I've had off is there anything in place that can protect me. I just don't want to live a life like this.


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Hello i had to have a total hysteratomy because i knew i had fibroids had cam and alter sound and i was heavy as well that could'nt cope with it anymore also kept losing my iron thats why i was put on iron meds. The day of my op 31 jan when i on the op table they discovered i had endometriosis my womb was inside out and a stuck ovary had everything taken out and i feel a lot better now that it is done and like a new woman.


A hysterectomy is not a treatment for endo and especially at your age. Were you diagnosed by laparoscopy and if so where was endo found?


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