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Yet another laparoscopy

I've just had yet another laparoscopy to find out what's going on previously i had 6-8 months of zoladex injection then I had surgery to remove endometriosis and separate my ovaries and clear a few cysts off my my ovaries But the pain was still there went for scans a few months ago and it shows I had more cysts on my ovaries so went in last week for laparoscopy and they said I have a lot of scarring,kissing ovaries,4 small cysts and 1 bigger cyst they also said my bowel is stuck to my womb (frozen pelvis) Ive got to wait on appointment to find out my options just wondering if anyone else has had this and what can be my options

I'm 30 years old single with 1 child

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Is this at a BSGE accredited endo centre?


No I'm going to [edited to comply with our code of conduct]


The NHS requires that severe endo is treated in a BSGE accredited endo centre so that is the only option to be considered - they should have referred you as soon as they saw what was involved. There is a very clear treatment pathway and various publications confirming this. Will pm you.


Hi Kirsty

I've been treated in Perth not too far from you. Like Linda says you should be referred to BSGE nearest for us is Edinburgh. Linda helped me to get a referral and my first appointment is 14th March. I've been suffering since 2009 and had 2 laps, general gyne were under the impression they were more than capable of treating me but the only "treatment" offered was the pill.

So disappointing to hear again protocols are not being adhered to, to the detriment of women's health.

Please feel free to pm me x

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