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Stress rash???

Before I go ill put a post up about another unpleasant thing happening to my body. It started last year and I thought it was to do with steroid withdrawl. (Was on steriods for suspected bowel illness whilst under investigation) it now it seems to happen more and ive not had steroids for nearly 1 year.

Anyways I get almighty itchy on a parts of my body. So far my hands, fingers, knee, face, eyebrow, back, shin, arms and elbows and bum cheeks have all had weird spot like things that burst with clear liquid and itches like mad. It's super itchy.

I then started thinking maybe it's a sweat rash which would make sense as my body is so hot due to the menopause injections which it could be. However if i get flustered, anxious, stressed or angry very shortly the same spots appear itch like mad and then stay for a couple of days.

I know I probably should go to my doctor but we don't have a good relationship and because I'm not sure if it's Endo related I have never brought it up with my consultant.

It's really strange and ive just found one on my hair line on my neck. Any advice as to what it might be? Could it be a stress rash? I've tried trimavate cream and some other creams as was going to the gp when it first started after stopping the steroids so was prescribed stuff.

Thanks for reading!

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