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When to take bowel prep? Advice needed asap.

I have to take bowel prep tomorrow, the day before my surgery. I know I have to take one dose at 12pm tomorrow. I am not sure about the other dose though; I thought the specialist nurse said to take it at 6pm tomorrow, but the paperwork she gave me and the paperwork that the pharmacist gave me say to take the other dose at 6am tomorrow. I won't be able to get hold of the nurse at the hospital to clarify in time, so am turning to those of you who have been through bowel prep to ask which time seems more likely. I am inclined to think that 6am is the correct time to take the dose tomorrow, rather than 6pm. What do you think? xx

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Last time I had surgery i was told to take most of it the day before and then drink (I think) half a litre the morning of the surgery. Bear in mind that you'll need time for it to work and for you to stop going to the loo before you travel so you may have to get up and drink earlier than 6am.

It can be quite a time consuming process so be warned - you'll be going to the loo a lot and it will be very watery. It can make you feel quite shaky and weak the next morning. That said, it's not really that bad. If you aren't running clear this doesn't mean they won't do the surgery - I've had to bowel prep twice, neither time ran clear, and both times the procedure went ahead.


Hi I had to take second dose at hospital. Was advised to arrive earlier then scheduled. Op was at 1 and took 2nd dose at 10 that morning. Ring up the ward to discuss plus see if they have a side room with loo free! Best of luck . All will be ok X X


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