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Decapeptyl Decisions

Hello again everyone,

Looking for some input on Decapeptyl monthly injections?

I've been told i have severe endometriosis due to a large recto vaginal nodule. Been ttc for a while now and hoping endo excision in august can help boost my fertility my ovaries are not too damaged and tubes are clear. My consultant said last week to go onto this injection in the mean time as the wait for surgery is so long to help with the pain? Up til now we have been told to carry on trying so confused what to do :/

My last appointment was so hard with all the complications involved with rectovaginal surgery / stoma bags / fistula / infections.... was all too much to take in need to hear some positive stories :'(

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I had 2x 3monthly decapeptyl injections, one before surgery and one just after surgery. It gave me the break I needed from all the endo pain and I think it allowed my body to heal after surgery too - my endo pain returned v aggressively following previous laparoscopies.

I have heard of some folk suffering side effects from the decaptyl - I honestly felt really good but did find it hard in terms of weight loss (weight went on easily and just wouldn't shift). It did come off once I got back to normal tho - It took about another 3 months for my periods to return after the last injection wore off. So in all I had about 9 months period free.

We did recommence with ivf after that and now I'm pregnant...

wishing you lots of luck x


Thank you for your reply! Also a hugeeee congratulations thats amazing!! Hope you have a relaxed and well deserved pregnancy! X


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