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Visanne available in the UK

I have recently been prescribed Visanne abroad in Switzerland but wondered if it has been approved by NICE and available in the UK?

I'm 34 and came of the pill dretinelle similar to Yasmin in October because of the side affects and higher risk to blood clots and concerned about the Visanne side effects too, one of them being ovarian cyst (1 in 10) which I already have.

I've told my Gynocologist that I'm not keen to take it and got told if I don't she's not able to help me and I need to take it.

Since being off the pill I've been very emotional, tearful and up and down with my moods and was looking for something more natural with less side effects that would keep my hormones stable.

I'm due a consultation for laprascopy soon to remove the cysts on ovaries and endometriosis.

Thank you my advance! :)


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