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Pain/PMS management and fertility questions

After being on Loestrin 30 (combined pill) for 8 years I came off it in October 2015 because I was having serious concerns over the safety of taking artificial hormones long term. I was put on the pill aged 15 but felt it hadn't REALLY been my decision. Saying that Loestrin 30 worked pretty well for me and gave me shorter periods, manageable pain and for the most part eradicated symptoms of PMS. I was diagnosed with endometriosis (suspected since I was a teenager but there was no need to investigate while I was on BC and not suffering) in November 2016 and now find myself really struggling with how to manage it. I had excision surgery but honestly I'm getting to the point where I just want to feel ok again and going back on BC is looking like it could give me that 'quick fix' even though every part of me does not feel comfortable with this idea. Is there anything else out there that could help me with the pain and PMS symptoms? I also have serious concerns about fertility. I am 25 this year and wondering when the best time would be to try and conceive? I never thought I would have a child before the age of 30 but now I'm I'm wondering if that will be too late. Any help/advice would be so appreciated I feel so lost and down at the moment.

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I'm at the same crossroads as well being 25 and concerned about fertility. I'm trying to decide to put in the Mirena to relieve some symptoms. I have the pargard now, definitely horrible choice for someone with endo.

I myself am starting to lean towards trying to conceive but I also don't have a ton of info about the state of my own fertility.


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