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Hi All

I've been diagnosed with endo for two years now, and although mild I have more frequently been feeling nausea symptoms along with on off Diageo head and constipation. Whilst nauseous I am never sick. Last night I woke at around 4.30am in the morning feeling horribly sick, I went to the bathroom and was violently sick for around 10 mins to the point where I pulled a muscle in my stomach. I was sick again a few hours later and again not long after.

I initially thought I must have a tummy bug but the sickness has now stopped. I'm sure it isn't good posining as my other half ate the same as me last night and he is well.

When I woke this morning I literally had i strength and I had such a chill that my other half had to make me a hot water bottle to warm me up.

I have slept all day and I am so so tired still which is making me wonder if it is more endo related. Has anyone experienced anything similar?

I want to go back to work tomorrow as I haven't been sick in hours and think I can put it down to the endo.

Any help / comments would be appreciated xx

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