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Don't give up hope!

I was diagnosed with endometriosis 2 years ago after years of painful periods, pain during the month, horrific heavy bleeding, ovarian cysts! Endo is in our family and although I knew what I had it's still a battle to get a diagnosis.

After various hysteroscopys and laparoscopy I finally got the diagnosis and was advised if we wanted children we needed to hurry up with our decision.

After trying for a baby with no success I was worried maybe we had left it too late and endometriosis would scupper any plans for a family. We visited a fertility consultant only to be told we had to try for another year before we could have any help (I broke down in this appointment) I had all but given up hope but little did I know that during this appointment I was probably pregnant.

We now have our gorgeous baby girl and I just want all the ladies out there trying for a family struggling with endometriosis to not give up hope.

It can be a long road with many set backs but it can happen and Godwilling will happen for all of you.

I also believe my iron levels had big part to play and recommend ladies get your levels checked where possible. My extremely heavy periods would leave me feeling faint and would need iron tablets regularly to help keep iron levels up but these always upset my stomach so could never get enough in me to make a difference. Eventually after having an iron infusion I had good levels of iron and not long later conceived.

Don't give up hope xxx

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Hey Hun thank you for writing this, I had endometriosis and have had two laps to remove it. Also have had 3 failed fertility treatments and have been trying to conceive for over two years now. Just feel lost and hurt that everyone seems to be falling pregnant so easily. Did you do anything else? X


Hi there, I really feel for you, I remember crying to my friend as I was so desperate for a baby and everyone else was pregnant, they would be everywhere I went!

Every month would be vicious circle of disappointment as not only would I have the negative pregnancy tests but then faced with all the painful periods, heaviness and fatigue. I had given up and thought Its just not going to happen especially after drawing a blank with the Consultant. It was then it happened!

Looking back I do think sorting out my iron levels helped put my body in a better place but have hope... having endo can make it an uphill struggle to conceive but it's not impossible and there a lot of ppl I know with this condition that have. Don't give up! wishing you all the best. Xx


Thanks so much for your reply. We are now just having some off time and hope after our holiday in march we will start ivf treatment again, it's hard when you have to pay for it and I'm so scared if this fails it will be money down the drain!!! I've never seen a positive pregnancy test! Happy it worked out for you. Just feel like my endometriosis has ruined my life and I'm only 29!!!! I would love to have some good news by my 30th in may x


I was the same age as you when we were struggling to conceive so have hope. I had pinned all my hopes on fertility treatment and then it happened naturally and totally out of the blue. I felt like it was me against the Endometriosis clock as the Drs kept saying it would only get worse.

Try to have some time for you, it can be so draining and life consuming. That vicious circle of pain and disappointment can really get you down so hoping you can have a good holiday and relax.

Wishing you all the best for your IVF xx


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