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Endo and TTC

So I was Diagnosed with Endo about 5 years ago, but never done anything with it.

I have always struggled, since my periods started I remember just lying on the coach, refusing to move as everything hurt to much. The endo was only discovered when they removed two cycts and the only reason I actually know what is wrong with me is because of that.

The main reason I have never sought further help is because I reallly, really hote hospitls and want kids. I have now been TTC for 2 years, had a MC about 1.5 years ago so obviousely thought it would happen soon after again.

Just wondering if I do search extra help, does a LAP etc influences the TTC process and what do I have to look out for? Any advice is welcome.

Just had started my last period a few days ago and have felt soooo sick for days, not slept because of the amount of pain and no painkiller can stop it.

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What is TTC & MC


Trying To Conceive and Miscarriage


i had a laparoscopy in January last year and was diagnosed with ends (i had also previously been diagnosed with pcos aswell). we didn't start ttc straight away but waited until may. it took us 3 months to conceive and i'm due 2nd may.

having the lap helped me so much, it reduced my pain and made my periods more regular.

i had to stay in hospital overnight after my lap then recovered at home for a few weeks. although you might not like hospitals it's defiantly worth it.


Hi. I had a lap done 9 years ago. I've always known I shouldn't wait too long to ttc but other life plans took over the fear of 'what ifs'. Started ttc recently and fell pregnant immediately, but that sadly ended in a mmc. I too hate hospitals and have read endlessly about how endo and miscarriage are high percentages... now feeling very foolish having left ttc until now. :-(


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