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Bowel surgery

I've been told that I will need to have surgery to remove part of my bowel. This isn't something I need until after I've finished having my family but for some reason I can't sleep tonight worrying about it.

Has anyone else had to have this done? What can I expect? How long will I be in hospital? That is the recovery time? How big and where is the scar?

Thank you

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In most cases when part of your bowel is removed you'll be left with an ileostomy or comestomy bag, you can do some research about them online.

What the surgeon does during the surgery is removed some of your bowel and sometimes resections it. A stoma is made so the resnectioned bowel may rest, it can be temporary or permanent.

A stoma is essentially a hole made in your abdomen so waste that normally passes through there passes through the stoma instead. You wear a bag to collect it.

There's a colostomy website uk, and bowel disease group here which might have more experiences with stomas.


It depends which part of the bowel - and how much - needs to be removed whether a stoma will be needed. Mum had an op to remove part of large bowel but didn't need a stoma, was out of hospital within 1 week recovered within a few months. I think you need to find out more - perhaps from your GP - if this is causing you worry. X

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Try not to worry about it when it's a way off.

I had mine done keyhole , though bigger cuts than previous laparoscopies

3 1/2 " cut left side lower stomach , that's where my bowel was twisted & stuck to my pelvis, inch & a bit - belly button, 2 normal keyhole incisions right side lower stomach.

I didn't need to have a stoma. They prepare you in case you need to, surgeon makes that's decision whilst operating.

Obviously everyone is unique as to recovery times I'm 44 & have struggled with recovering from this op

The bowel doesn't like being operated on ,it tends to throw its toys out of the pram. Some people are lucky & don't have issues though.

I was in hospital 6 days, had op end of September & I'm still off work.

Currently following Ibs diet , wheat free & very little dairy to see if my stomach will settle down, tiredness is an issue too.

Not sure if that's of much help to you

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I had to have part of my bowel removed and although they warned and prep me in case I needed a stoma, I did not need it at all. I was very worried before the operation but tbh they are so good and they said even if I had needed it would probably only be temporary. I think if they are not rushing you in now then they feel confidant it would not be a big part removed which leads me to think if you do need a stoma it would only be temporary to help you heal.

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In assume you are being treated in a BSGE accredited endo centre?


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