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Vomiting after lap?

Hi ladies,

I had my lap 2 days ago and I was fine within myself yesterday, just dealing with the pain however this morning at like 5:15 I woke up terribly nauseous and have since thrown up quite a bit. I just wondered if this has happened for anyone else?

Might give NHS helpline a call as I don't think this is right.

Any help would be fab! Hope you're well ladies

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I think this is common after having a general anaesthetic. I'm waiting for my lap but after having previous unrelated surgeries I've always suffered with vomiting afterwards. It's perhaps just the anaesthetic working it's way out of your body. Hope you feel better soon xx


I have only been sick after surgery once and that was due to complications. It could be the anaesthetic or it could be the pain relief you're using (codeine always makes me throw up so I avoid it). If you're worried please ring the hospital and ask for advice. A&E is also an option if things get bad, or your GP.


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