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Severe pain 10 weeks post Endometriosis Surgery

Hi Everyone,

Hoping to get some experience and hope here from those that have more experience or knowledge with this!

I had endo excision surgery in November with a reputable surgeon - founder of the endo foundation (so I can't say I didn't see a specialist or a skilled surgeon).

I woke up from surgery with shooting bladder pains I did not have before. My ride side of my pelvis has been tender and swollen, hurts to press down and soreness in my inner right thigh. 6 weeks post op my bladder pain went away and things started looking up a lot. I gradually started working out as I'm incredibly active. Once I felt a bit better, I started going high intensity work outs 6 times a week.

At the beginning of last week, all the same post op pain came back and worse! I can't even sit at a meal. I'm sore on my thighs, pressure in my rectum, shooting bladder and pubic pain, chronic abdominal and pelvic swelling, and if I eat I blow up and get gassy immediately. Burning in my abdomen and chest. stopped working out last week to see if it helped and it does not.

I've been doing physical therapy once a week, even got a nerve block. Gyno did a CT Scan - all is clear. Next is an MRI.

Nothing has helped. I'd beyond appreciate any insight any of you may have that may give me some guidance and hope! I feel like I traded endo for a new and worse pain since surgery.

Thank you all!

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Hi sorry to hear about your increased pain since having surgery xx were you treated in Cornwall as I am in the same position as you - every time I've had surgery for endo my symptoms have become worse. My last surgery was April last year which was a hysterectomy and since then I have had so much more pain and also have more health conditions to deal with including liver disease. Xxx


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