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When do other people get there pain?

Only was told I may have endometriosis few months ago now, waiting for my first op for proper diagnosis...

I only get extremely painful periods which only last one day ( only have 1 day periods for good 11 months) I also get electric shocks down there going straight into stomach or across my lower stomach but I have noticed majority of the time I have them when I'm ovulating?

Tonight 2 days after ovulating I am in pain big time on both sides of my stomach obv where my ovaries are, iv took some naproxen and amtripilyine so will be nocked out in next hour until tomorrow!

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I usually get pain when I am ovulating.... and then again when the bleed starts.... I get the same electric shock feeling... sometimes random pains in my groin that come from nowhere. Pain down my left leg and then the stomach pains/cramps.... I take naproxen and paracetomol, but I find it doesn't really work for me.

Hope you are feeling better...


Glad someone else gets the same pain. My mum had a hysterectomy and she said prior to that she was getting the exact same electric shocks..

The tablets didn't even touch me in the end just knocked me out for 12 hours


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