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Ladies with bowel symptoms. Does anyone else find that even passing the smallest amount of stools is such intense cramps and pains? Just end up running back and forth to the loo with the pain and it just turns out to be the smallest bit! It's ridiculous! I have my MRI this afternoon so hopefully they will be able to see the extent of what's going on. X

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  • Yes,I have the same problem. Except for me I'm constantly in the bathroom with diarrhea all the time. My stomach cramps and aches ,especially after I eat. I have to know where there is a bathroom at all times.

  • Hi

    Yes i have the same problem and also like an awful pressure feeling even when just sitting down sometimes, have you been diagnosed with endo of the bowel?


  • I have that problem with sitting down to.

  • When I had my lap a year or so ago they found the bowel was stuck to the uterus and wrapped around my tube. They managed to separate it all but here I am later with new symptoms including the rectal bleeding just before my period. The pressure gets worse all the time I just can't get a happy medium. I had an MRI yesterday to try and see if the Endo had infiltrated the bowel. I have to wait until march to hear the results. Have you had a diagnosis ? X

  • Oh no March is such a wait :( yes I've had it confirmed its on my bowel and i have a mass growing i have an appointment on the 14th feb to discuss what happens next but after my surgery 3 weeks ago he said he would rather leave my bowel if i could learn to manage to live with the symptoms!

  • Blimey! Could he learn to live with the symptoms???!!!

  • Same problem as I'm having. It's frustrating because once you think it's all out its not and your running back into the bathroom. I hope all goes well with your MRI.

  • Yes, i get the same! A recent mri has shown my bowel is stuck to my uterus so this will be seperated when i have my hysterectomy 🙁 x

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