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Excision pain

I had excision surgery on 12th Dec and till this day I am in constant right sided abdomen pain which radiates into my back. I had endo removed from my pelvis, appendix and my bowel shaved. I am taking constant pain relief and as soon as I stop the pain hits me with a vengeance. My gp has advised me that this is due to the surgery but I am getting rather concerned. I am also taking antibiotics for a second uti. I just wanted some advise and to know if anyone else has experienced the same symptoms 7 weeks on 😞 thanks in advance xx

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Hi, I had my surgery a week before you and mine wasn't as extensive - I am still taking constant painkillers and know instantly when it's time to take more! I also can't settle at night and wake up with the pain. Seems the journey on the other side of surgery is just as long - bear with it, I'm told it's just surgery healing and it will settle with time (3/4 months). xx

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