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I had my first laparoscopy 2 weeks ago, with on going symptoms of endometriosis for a couple of years, it was confirmed that I did indeed have the condition.

When I came round after the surgery my nurse told me I had it and that there was only a small amount and it had been removed. I asked her where do I go from there, she told me I no longer had the condition and it wouldn't return?

This wasn't my understanding of Endo at all, I'm scared because I took myself off my pill and it helped my symptoms so now I'm not taking any form of contraception (still using other forms though, still abit concerning though)

So I guess what I'd like to know is-

Do I or do I not have endometriosis?

Is going back on the pill going to worsen the condition?

What can I do to help stop it returning?

Many thanks x

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Wow,she said it would not return? That is a very unprofessional thing to tell someone with this condition in my opinion. Most woman that tell the their story will say it has come back. I had surgery almost 2 years ago, I had stage 3 and I can pretty much be 100% positive it has come back. After surgery my Dr said he wanted to start me on luoron( it tricks your body into menopause) Im very big against putting pills,anything foreign into my body) it took me 16 years of suffering before I had the surgery!) Even taking b.c throws my hormones out of wack. My sister n law did the lupron ad she gained about 75lbs. And her symptoms have come back full force ad well after the lupron stopped. She is now getting ready to have a hysterectomy. For myself I'm going to find another o.b. someone who isn't going to offer me pulls or injections. There has to be another way. This condition has controlled my life and I have to love around it. I'm at my wits end.


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